Welcome to the technical sites of the Department: Electrical Development, Design and Technology, and the Department:  Electrical Manufacturing at ŽĎAS, a.s.

These web sites of the Electrical group, that operates in the area of development, design and manufacturing of electrical equipment within ŽĎAS, a.s., have been prepared to give a more detailed presentation to our current and new customers. The websites also serve as a technical support and a data acquisition location for telemonitoring of the equipment (technology) by means of NET access for the applications where the customer requires so. This remote access to the projects being executed is also used for monitoring or service, if any.

We are focusing on designing and engineering activities including manufacturing and service in the field of industrial automation. For our customers we are able to prepare complete project documentation for the automated lines or independent machines, including software and visualization. Whether your need is for modernization/reconditioning of conventional and CNC machine tools, or for the author´s supervision and coordination with all other professions, our staff of engineers and service personnel are ready to provide prompt assistance. We will, at the investor´s request, execute delivery, installation, activation and adjustment of the equipment designed.

For more information about our company, click on www.zdas.cz!

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